Mortgage Bankers Association of Western North Carolina INC was established in 1987 and our mission is to unite as an organization of mortgage professionals, creating value for the membership through education, legislative representation, and communication, while promoting the highest level of ethical standards.

We associate with Mortgage Bankers of the Carolinas which is one of the oldest and most influential mortgage banking organizations in the nation. It was organized in North Carolina in 1955, and became the only two-state mortgage banking organization in 1958 when South Carolina joined forces with the sister state.

Over the years, the members of MBAC have worked for many legislative improvements in both North and South Carolina, and have also helped defeat many legislative proposals harmful to the industry. MBAC has worked closely with the many federal and state agencies helping to bring about new improved programs and procedures to the mortgage banking industry.

To promote mortgage banking as a career choice among college students in the two states, MBAC established an annual scholarship fund in 1972. The first scholarships were for $300 each, but the fund has grown over the years and today scholarships are worth $3000 each. Our scholarships honor two of our past Presidents. The Claude E Pope Scholarship fund provides scholarships to college students that express interest in the mortgage industry. The Dee McCandlish Scholarship supports the educational growth of current mortgage professionals.

We invite you to come and be a part of our local association and work towards the improvement of banking regulations to help our community obtain homeownership.